PA Rod

Plastic factory PA rod  from ENERGETIC INDUSTRY China.

  • - 100% virgin, A grade quality
  • - competitive price
  • - 3~5 days fast delivery

  • Advantages:

              ▪ Favourable electrical insulating ability

              ▪ Optimal combination of mechanical strength, stiffness

              ▪ Tough, durable

              ▪ Rugged, abrasive, impact

              ▪ High load environment


              ▪ Poor dimension stability and mechanical properties, 

              ▪ Affected by absorbing moisture or water 

              ▪ Acidproof ability not good 

              ▪ Weak light fastness,

              ▪ Low endurance in pollution

      Key Features:

       Excellent bearing properties

       High impact strength and toughness

       Low power factor requirements

       High wear resistance

       Very good sliding properties


       High load bearings

       Wear pads

       Support and Guide wheels

       Conveyor and Tension rollers

       Wire rope sheaves

       Buffer pads