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Plastic factory PA sheet from ENERGETIC INDUSTRY China, 100% original, A grade quality, competitive price, 3~5 days fast delivery, maximum standard size 24" x 40" x T0.35 – 4" thick,  40" x 80" x T0.35 – 4" thick

  •         Excellent bearing properties 
  •         High impact strength and toughness
  •         Low power factor requirements
  •         High wear resistance
  •         Very good sliding properties 

100% virgin Acetal sheet spec:
Quality: 100% virgin, A grade,Color: natural,Delivery date: 3~5 days,Standard Size: 610 x 1220mm, 1000 x 2000mm,Service: Other size can be cutted,Thickness: 8 ~ 150mm(send us email for other dimension),Custom Parts Machining: Yes
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