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Plastic factory FR4 sheet from ENERGETIC INDUSTRY China, 100% virgin, A grade quality, competitive price, 3~5 days fast delivery

                     Extremely high mechanical strength

        Good dielectric lossproperties

        Good electric strength properties, both wet and dry.

        High mechanical properties, and oil resistance and certain dielectric property.

        Thermal rating is 120, and temperature resistance : 150 °C

        Withstand a variety of chemical solvents and acid erosion

100% virgin Acetal sheet spec:
Quality: 100% virgin, A grade,Color: natural,Delivery date: 3~5 days,Standard Size: 610 x 1220mm, 1000 x 2000mm,Service: Other size can be cutted,Thickness: 8 ~ 150mm(send us email for other dimension),Custom Parts Machining: Yes
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